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Patsakis distillery is situated in the province of Malevizi, known for its selection of grapes with a distinct taste and aroma. The village of Prinias, in the north part of Malevizi (about in the middle of Crete) at an altitude of 700m, has climate and soils giving top quality grapes. There in 1991 Michalis Patsakis following his fathers steps of producing spirits, was the first man to legally bottle the traditional Cretan Tsikoudia (raki) giving it the name HARAKI.

From the farmers of the area we select only the finest grapes that we process in our distillery. The fermentation takes place in stainless steel tanks at a controlled temperature, followed by a process of multiple discontinuous distillation so as to distract only the finest quality. We also produce “Rakomelo”, a well known traditional Greek liquer, by adding honey and herbs into tsikoudia.

“HARAKI” is a very popular raki (tsikoudia) and has distinct as a high quality brand.

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Haraki Series - Tsikoudia (Raki)

1. Haraki Traditional Cretan Tsikoudia (Raki)

Glass bottles:

1000ml - 700ml

500ml -350ml


haraki1 haraki_2 haraki_3

2. Haraki Traditional Cretan Tsikoudia with HONEY (Rakomelo)

Glass bottles:

500ml - 200ml




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