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Cretan Treasure Olives


The Cretan Treasure series includes Olives for top markets:

  • Kalamata Olives PDO
  • Chalkidiki Green Olives

Cretan Treasure Kalamata Olives PDO is the world renowned and the most delicious Kalamata olives. Our Olives have the Protected Destination of Origin certification by the European Union (PDO).Cretan Treasure Green Olives are mainly cultivated in Chalkidiki region of nothern Greece.

The Cretan Treasure series includes also Organic Olive products for top markets:

  • Organic Kalamata Olives
  • Organic Green Olives

Cretan Treasure Organic Kalamata & Green  Olives combined with pure organic ingredients, are well known worldwide for their taste and quality.

For specific pricing information, packaging possibilities, harbor options, please contact us.


Kalamata Olives PDO

Glass Jar 215gr

Green Olives

Glass Jar 215gr

Organic kalamata Olives

Glass Jar 215gr

Organic Green Olives

Glass Jar 215gr

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